Modular Exhibit System with Endless Variations.

One Display System. Endless Possibilities.

SUPREME is the portable, modular exhibit system with endless configuration possibilities. It is the only display solution you’ll need for event presentations or trade show booths.

SUPREME is an investment that allows you to easily expand or make changes to your booth when the need arises.

Supreme is:
Visually stunning, to attract visitors and convey a spirit of innovation and quality. Modular, meaning you can re-configure your booth to create endless variations. Financially savvy, enabling you to start small and build on it as your needs grow. Portable, making set up and take down easy and transportation economical. Customizable, so that your personal vision can become a reality.

See stunning display examples in the SUPREME Gallery. Watch the SUPREME video and see how easy it is to create infinite booth variations.

Combine straight and curved elements, add showcases, headers and add-on elements to create an attractive stand that communicates your message at its best. Unique magnetic techniques make it easy to position the graphic panels for a seamless and attractive looking exhibit.

Manufactured, serviced and supported in Canada, SUPREME is backed by our professional team of in-house designers and product specialists who will work with you every step of the way to make sure your vision is realized.

Contact us today and discover how SUPREME can help you stand out from the crowd.